We would first like to give you insite of the web hosting that you will be getting. Your web hosting will be provided by Alpha Illustrations the creators of the Black Professional Women website. They provide several services such as hosting, website management, email marketing, graphic design, and logo design just to name a few. However there are web building tools in your hosting plan if you choose to build your own website.

If you are already a Black Professional Women member, you are qualified to recieve the Discounts that we offer in terms of Website Design. If you are not a member, you can become a member and get the same discounts.

1) The domain name - All businesses has one whether they are online or offline, (A domain name is the Internet equivalent of a physical home address for a website.) the domain name is usually your name or your business name followed by these suffixes; .com, .org, .biz, .net, etc ... We offer free domains however we do suggest that you purchase your domain seperately if you choose to discontinue your web hosting for any reason. (detailed explanation during the counseling session) The cost for a domain name is usually between $7 - $12.

2) Web hosting - After you have purchased your domain name, you will need web space or web hosting, this is where all your business content, images, forms, and emails are kept. In web hosting it usually provides space to allow your business to operate just as a physical building has space for your business to function, so does your web hosting or web space which we offer unlimited space will all hosting packages.

3) Prices and Packages - we offer basically three hosting packages, The Linux, Windows, and WordPress Essentials (blog). Details of each and their advantages will be sent to you during counseling sessions ... although the prices are simular, some platforms might not work correctly with all hosting packages. Our prices are as low as $2.95 monthly / $35.40 per year with an one time setup fee of $25. Prices varies on the amount of year(s) you choose for your plan.

We offer discount web design plans for non members; Vision Grasp ( fast quality web design services 1-3 page website ) I Rachel Renata Consulting ( New non profit organizations, businesses or how to start your own non-profit business.) I Black Professional Women Consultant or Moderator I Alpha Illustrations Dream Starter, offers a 5 to 10 website design for as low as $150 with a maximum of $700 for non-profit 501c and religious organizations only.

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